Diggin' in!

Order Your Crabs!

After much thought and consideration, we will begin to serve our famous steamed crabs starting next week! 

We have watched the quality and availability of crabs deteriorate substantially over the past decade as prices have skyrocketed.  As the oldest Crab House in Baltimore (1965), and the last Crab House steaming crabs in individual batches with our hand blended seasonings, it was becoming increasingly difficult to provide the superior product that we have become known for. 

As such, we have decided that we will serve crabs only when they are running heavy, and we feel comfortable that our suppliers can get us the highest quality product.   Currently, we will be serving crabs only Wednesday to Friday, which is when crab quality is at its best.   Customers will preorder via our app on GoTab.   A link is provided below. 

Crabs can be reserved for take-away or enjoyed on our outside Crab Deck.   The Crab Deck is covered and overlooks the Baltimore Harbor skyline from the west deck of our restaurant. Blocks of time for dining on our Crab Deck will be limited and available in 1hr blocks (You don’t need to eat in 1hr!).  

The rest of our menu is available in our app on GoTab as well.   There is no need to order those ahead of time.   

If the crabs stop running well, then we will take a break from serving them.   Once they start hitting again, we will pick them up. We want to make sure you are getting the very best product for your money and we feel these procedures are the best way to do so.  

Occasionally, we might have crabs available for the same day.  We will put that information on our website and social media when that happens.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at crabs@bobrooks.com. 




The Bo Brooks Family